Pulse application on web server

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Pulse application on web server

Postby Blandino on Tue Dec 30, 2014 7:34 am

Our IT department had to install Pulse and create the database server. This occurred about three months ago. In that time I have not been able to see any data about the database in the Pulse configuration screens except the database name, which is disabled. If I click the Test button, it returns a failure message. If I click the Users tab, I see an empty field that I think should list my two groups. Instead, I immediately get an error message that it doesn't like my credentials (that are network credentials used to log onto this internal server). I get an error to continue but it doesn't recognize my login. I have not been able to get IT to address the test failure on connection or the possible disconnect between using the network credentials and perhaps the original PulseAdmin login. I only have so much access to the internal server and the database server. I am aware of the need for IIS to be with or be communicating with Pulse. Also, no answer on that one. Any thoughts?
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