Recent Discussions bug?

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Recent Discussions bug?

Postby Ineffable on Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:18 pm

When I select Recent Discussions and then click on a posted comment, the normal behavior is that the comment appears. Click it again, it disappears. To note, the name, subject and page are clickable.

However, an odd behavior I am seeing is that when the comment is visible and the pane refreshes (the little blue disc spins in the upper left-hand corner), the comment disappears. And here is where it gets weird: Clicking either the subject or the name lines in the post makes the comment reappear, and it does not go away after a refresh. BUT, if I click on the page link, the comment appears and then disappears after a refresh. Every time!

This behavior only occurs with a comment visible in the Recent Discussions tab. All is normal in the Topic Discussions tab.
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