Feedback Service doesn't accept an additional admin address

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Feedback Service doesn't accept an additional admin address

Postby BrianB on Fri Jun 12, 2009 9:37 am

To centralize the collection of incoming community-wide comments, I'm trying to set up the separate, admin-level Feedback Explorer to send Administrator e-mail to a Microsoft SharePoint site (in addition to two flesh & blood admins :o) ). Currently, the two admins receive comment e-mail just fine.

In SharePoint, you can set up a document library to receive e-mail; while the library can receive mail that I send directly to it, the library does not receive e-mail from the Feedback Service. I have done quite a bit of testing with this, including creating a new config (.fbconf) file. In addition, I have been working with our internal Messaging team to make sure that e-mail sent from isn't getting caught (e.g. in spam filtering, etc.) prior to reaching the library.

There’s no problem with an address in the SharePoint's format, is there?


Ideas, anyone?
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