Exporting a Custom Report to Excel

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Exporting a Custom Report to Excel

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This is my first time using Analyzer and I need some help.

I need to create a custom report that is basically the Files With Changes report with an additional column for a file tag called status.

I tried creating a custom report and ticked Files With Changes and Files With File Tags. However, this just seems to provide two separate reports rather than a combined report.

Also, when I export the report to Excel - it doesn't seem to show the data as I would expect in a normal report. The first column seems to display style properties and the data is not easily readable/filterable. When I import I get an XML Import Error - Failed schema validation. Is there something I need to do to get the data to display correctly? Or is there a way to display custom reports like the default reports are displayed within Analyzer? Is there a way to edit the default Files With Changes report and add a File Tag column?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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