Limiting Report to a Specific Folder

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Wendy F
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Limiting Report to a Specific Folder

Post by Wendy F »

Is there any way to limit report results to a specific folder like you can with Find/Replace? If not, definitely an enhancement request.

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Re: Limiting Report to a Specific Folder

Post by dcisneros »

I couldn't find the option to limit to a specific folder, but I think you might still be able to make it work.

If you open the View tab and select File list, you can see your list of files. If you hold down Ctrl on your keyboard, you can click and select all of the files you want to see report results for. After you're done selecting the files from the file list, right-click on the selected items and choose Send to File Issues Viewer. The File Issues Viewer pane opens up, and then you'll see a summary for only the selected files.

Does that kind of help? I've never used that before and thought it was kind of neat. :)
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