External report writers with Analyzer? Anyone?

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External report writers with Analyzer? Anyone?

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Windows 7
Analyzer 9
Flare 12

I love Madcap. But Analyzer reports, not so much.

We employ heavy reuse of topics in TOCs. For example, a topic that describes a power cycle will appear in many procedure TOCs. I love the link viewer, because it shows me all of the TOCs that use my power cycle topic. But what I NEED is a comprehensive list of topics and all the TOCs where each one is used. Duplicate TOC items report is "OK" but not quite there. Link viewer is awesome, but no way to share it with my project team. And it reports on only one topic at a time.

I've decided my only option is to use an external report writer to build what I need. Has anyone else tried this? Using something like Crystal Reports to build a REAL report?

(Sorry Madcap, but you've dropped the ball on this in Analyzer :cry: .)


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