Three time saving tips to clean up imported projects

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Three time saving tips to clean up imported projects

Postby forfear on Tue May 20, 2008 8:33 am

Anytime you import data or stylesheets from any of teh supported third party sources, there is a very strong likelihood that you can benefit by cleaning up your imported data.
In no particular order, the five key features we use for cleaning imported or legacy projects before baselining or 'finishing' the project off.

1. View > More Windows > Unused Items
Try the Unused Images and Unused Styles. Find unlinked topics with Unused Topics.

2. View > Used Items > Used Language Tags
If you do not want to assign language tags to your topics, open the topic in the XML editor. in the XML Editor, Blocks structure bar area (on the left panel of the of XML Editor) select HTML, right-click and select Language. Change the language back to (default)

3. Suggestions > Variable Suggestions
Tag a few standard terms as variables(optional). Then open the project in Analyzer, and run Variable Suggestions to tag all possible words as variables. A real time saver. It helps to have a few Variables for different combinations of the same word (i.e. Word versus Microsoft Office Word).
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