Odd tags in Lingo - <MTLINGO type="" prevchar="s" . . .

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Odd tags in Lingo - <MTLINGO type="" prevchar="s" . . .

Postby subquark on Fri Jul 27, 2018 5:12 am

Hi All! I'm new to Lingo and am creating a sample multilingual site as a proof of concept. I've been somewhat able to Machine Translate our English-based Help site into Chinese, French, and Spanish and publish Flare output that works beautifully (Thanks to Madcap, not me!).

Language picker works great, all our CSS works fine, all the structure is good.

For actual translations, in the future, we'll be having real translations done and not my MT mock up.

However, in my MT work, about 40% of it shows tags in the translation which clearly need to be cleaned up before sending out for translation.

In Spanish:
Code: Select all
¿En primer lugar, esto es un <MTLINGO type="" prevchar=" " nextchar="N"> </MTLINGO>tarea<MTLINGO type="" prevchar="k" nextchar=" "> </MTLINGO> o un <MTLINGO type="" prevchar=" " nextchar="N"> </MTLINGO>nueva cita<MTLINGO type="" prevchar="t" nextchar="?"></MTLINGO>?

and in Chinese:
Code: Select all
单击<MTLINGO type="" prevchar=" " nextchar="A"></MTLINGO>该事件<MTLINGO type="" prevchar="s" nextchar=" "></MTLINGO> <MTLINGO type=" " prevchar=" " nextchar=" "></MTLINGO>旁边的其他选项, 然后<MTLINGO type="" prevchar=" " nextchar="D"></MTLINGO>选择<MTLINGO type="" prevchar="e" nextchar="."></MTLINGO>"删除"。

Is this something to do with UTF encoding? Or do tags like bold wreak havoc in Lingo?

How should files be prepped to eliminate this?

Thank you. =)
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