Adding/syncing original and already-translated content?

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Adding/syncing original and already-translated content?

Postby lwathen on Tue Sep 11, 2018 1:39 pm

I’m new to Lingo and am wondering if anyone can help me figure out how to do the following:


  • We have product description content used in store cart pages.
  • As a proof-of-concept project, we took several of those descriptions and, working outside of Flare, formatted them in clean HTML files. (No styling, no variables; just simple HTML tags.)
  • We gave those HTML files to a translator, who gave to us the translated content in one Excel spreadsheet.
  • In the spreadsheet, each row equals one product description. (If we’d started this in Flare, each row would be the equivalent of one topic.)


  • We now have English and translated versions of the content outside of Flare and Lingo.
  • We want to: 1) bring them into Flare (English) and Lingo (translated), so that we can 2) manage them in those tools going forward.

Everything I’ve found so far starts with the premise that your original language is already in Flare, you use Lingo to generate a package for translation, and import the translated package back into Lingo.

I haven’t found anything that describes how to add and sync original content and translated content. (I've looked through MadCap's help; done general searches; and searched through the forums here.) Can anyone share suggestions or point me to where I can find this info?

Thank you!

UPDATE: After posting, I found this info on alignment, which looks like the answer to my situation. Investigating that now. If anyone's done something similar, I'd love to hear any tips.
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