Align - can I edit segments?

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Align - can I edit segments?

Postby Kirsty on Tue Nov 06, 2018 4:22 pm

I'm new to MadCap and Lingo - have recently moved to a new workplace, and we have MadCap here. I was using Trados for terminology, TM management, and project management at my previous workplace.

I have tried to align some UI translations that were performed without a CAT tool. The translations are in a bilingual spreadsheet, so I created an English and a Spanish spreadsheeet. The alignment worked pretty well, and I can join segments that have been segmented differently - that's easy and faster than WinAlign! Nice!

I have found a target segment that didn't import for some reason. I can't find a way to insert a blank target, and enter the translated text. Is there any way to edit during the alignment process? Due to this target being missing completely, it seems I either need to join two source segments and edit them later in the TM (assuming that is possible - I'm still very new with Lingo), or give up on using Lingo alignment for this text. The rest of my segment pairs from here down will not align with a missing target and I cannot insert an appropriate target.

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Re: Align - can I edit segments?

Postby cdschroeder on Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:25 am

It's been a while since I last used Lingo, but IIRC, you can't edit or add segments using the Align tool. However, you can work around the issue by selecting every segment below the offending one and shifting them up (there's a button in the toolbar that switches segments by moving them up or down). When you do this, the mismatched segment is pushed to the bottom and all remaining segments are re-aligned.

Alternately, once everything is uploaded to the TM, you can use Lingo to edit the segments.

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