Translate only marked strings

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Translate only marked strings

Postby KendeWachter on Thu Jan 03, 2019 12:55 am

We're just starting to translate our software package and user manuals. The software itself is already translated into French. Before translating the whole 500 page manual into French, we would like to publish a user guide in English, but with references to the French software strings instead of the English.

EN: On the File menu, click Open.
FR: On the Fichier menu, click Ouvrir.

In Lingo, I only want to see two segments:
  • File
  • Open

Can Lingo handle that?

What we tried but didn't work:
  • We marked our translatable strings in a label span (e.g. On the <span class="label">File</span> menu...). I found that Lingo does not support custom file types for HTM files (which is a bit odd since all topics in Flare are HTML).
  • We marked our translatable strings in a condition (e.g. On the <span class="label" MadCap:conditions="Translate.Labels">File</span> menu...). While you can exclude conditions in Lingo, more advanced include/exclude rules have to be done in a target. So I did... I created a target that includes Translate.Labels and excludes Translate.DoNotTranslate. Because I 'only' want my Translate.Labels, I marked entire topics or parts of topics as DoNotTranslate. The problem is that Lingo does not look inside of conditions. I.e. If a topic or HTML element is marked as Translate.DoNotTranslate, it ignores its content, even if there is content that is marked as Translate.Labels... (e.g. <p MadCap:conditions="Translate.DoNotTranslate">On the <span class="label" MadCap:conditions="Translate.Labels">File</span> menu...</p>.)

The only workaround I can think of, is putting all our translatable strings in snippets, or in a glossary file. Both sounds rather tedious... Since there is already markup, I'd expect Lingo to support it, in the same way SDL Trados Studio and Memsource do.

Any help would be appreciated!
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