Problem translating snippet variables

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Problem translating snippet variables

Postby awinnefeld on Wed Jan 08, 2020 8:01 am

I have a bunch of very similar topics in which I use snippet variables to insert some specific information (e.g. "Create DeviceLink" in one, "Create Simulation Profile" in another topic). We have translated our Flare project, and in the foreign language output, the variables remain in English even though the variable set has been translated. I have checked in the translated Flare project, and it seems that the values for the snippet variables set on topic level remain in English. I can set them manually after I have exported the project from Lingo to Flare, but this does not seem convenient at all :shock:

My question is: is this normal behavior, or is this some kind of bug? If this is normal, is there any way to translate these values in Lingo on topic level?
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