Translation of FLSKN and/or FLLNG files

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Translation of FLSKN and/or FLLNG files

Postby Dafra08 on Tue Apr 27, 2021 3:09 am

I don't really get my head around how the skin is handled by Lingo. Apparently the text string can reside in four places (from the help):
1. Stylesheet
2. HTML5 skin
3. Language skin
4. Legacy language skin, still in your AppData\Roaming folder

I don't use the language skin (there is one in the project, but it is not linked to the target), and I will build separate Flare projects of the translated files.

In the FLSKN file I have my source language strings (Swedish) and translations into a number of target languages. I have edited some of the Swedish strings, and I want my target languages to follow my new source.

There are a number of strings that are included for translation in both the FLLNG file and the FLSKN file in the Lingo project, but the numbers don't match:
- Flare language skin: 81 strings
- FLSKN file: 129 strings
- FLLNG file in Lingo: 73 strings (some of them already translated)
- FLSKN file in Lingo: 9 strings (some of them already translated, and the comment from the XML file, which is not visible in the skin editor, is included for translation ...)

The funny part (or maybe not) is that the strings that I have changed are not included for translation in the FLSKN file in Lingo (which I thought would be logical), only some other random strings.

In my Flare project, I cannot edit any other language than my project language (Swedish):
1. Switch to Danish and remove a string (in the hopes that Lingo would pick it up for translation).
2. Save the file.
3. Switch to any other language.
4. Switch back to Danish. Result: The string just removed is back again. Where does it come from?

My general question is really: How do I control what skin strings are sent for translation? I don't want to use Madcap's pre-translated strings. I just want to send out my Swedish strings for translation. I could accept if only the strings I have changed in the FLSKN file are sent out, but it would be nice to have some sort of control.
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