[Git] Lingo loses files status

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[Git] Lingo loses files status

Postby ARFME on Thu Nov 17, 2022 6:37 am


I am currently working on multiple Lingo projects connected to Git.
When I update a project with a newer version and commit to Git, all the files with the status "Completed" or "Approved" become "Untranslated".
This issue also appears after the first commit/push on a new branch, and also on the first pull after a new import.

This is not the first time I have these issues, and it is more and more excrutiating year after year. No update to the Software fixes this, and the others similar topics I've found (see below) have received no care from the developers.
It has become impossible for my team and I to work properly on the projects we receive. Fixing this issue would avoid us looking for another softwares suite for the translation.

Does anyone have found a solution or an alternative to this issue?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Re: [Git] Lingo loses files status

Postby ARFME on Mon Dec 05, 2022 2:19 am


After three weeks without any answer, and during which I did my own tests, I resigned myself not to wait for an answer anymore. I also found more topics mentioning this problem, all of them unanswered for several years.

I found a functional and viable solution, which I put here in the hope that this answer will help other users with the same problem (since it is useless to rely on the developers for help on this matter).

So, you work with your Lingo projects synchronized on Git but, during a push or pull, the translation status resets and you lose precious work time and organization? The solution is easy: don't use Lingo for Git. :|

More seriously, don't use Lingo to manage your Git actions. Use GitBash (provided with Git when you install it on Windows), GitKraken or any other tool for each of these actions and use Lingo only for translation.

For example, to update a Lingo project on a new branch:
- Close Lingo project. With GitBash (or utility of your choice), do : git branch new_branch
- Switch to this new branch, still with GitBash, do : git checkout new_branch
- From there, open Lingo, check that you are on the right branch in the Source Control ribbon, then work as you wish (updating your project for this example)
- When you are done, don't make any commit or push in Lingo : close the project, go back to GitBash, and make your commits then your pushes

Use clear commits, even tags, to more easily go back.
Always do your fetch, pull, commits and push outside of Lingo with the project closed.

I've been doing this for a week now. It's not that laborious and everything seems to work. For now... Let's hope it lasts.

Hopefully I've helped some future users!
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