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Json Structure

Post by RobSwanson »

My developers give me a Json file where Source is the English and Value is for the translation.
When I apply a filter, I select only the Source to translate.

Is there a way to export the translation into the Value line?
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Re: Json Structure

Post by Dafra08 »

Not sure I follow you, but how about copying the English source text into the value lines, and then translate the value lines? Most translation tools work this way. The source text is replaced with the target text, which means the source text needs to be in the location where you want the target text to be when the file has been translated. Some tools can manipulate this in different ways I guess (I know Trados can), but as a general principle it helps to think that the source text will be replaced with the target text.

Example: You are given an Excel file with two columns, ”Source text” (A) and ”Value” (B). The text to be translated is in the source text column. If you want to run this through a translation tool you would probably need to copy the content of column A to column B, and translate column B in your tool (not column A). Then generate the target file, and you will end up with the source text in column A and translations in column B.

1. From the developer:
Source Value

2. Copy the text:
Source Value
Open Open
Save Save
Exit Exit

3. Translate and generate target file:
Source Value
Open Öppna
Save Spara
Exit Avsluta
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