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Package Bundle That Contains Source Language & Translations?

PostPosted: Thu Sep 16, 2010 12:38 pm
by techwriter31
We really need a way to leverage our exisitng translations to reduce the amount of fuzzy & repetitive text. If we use MadCap Lingo in the “standard” method (i.e., creating difference projects from English content & apply the TM, then package files from the English Lingo project), we’ll end up translating a lot of fuzzy/repetitive text because the packaged files are all in English. For example, we may have a topic that contains 90% translated text and 10% untranslated. If we package this file and send it to our translation vendor, we'll be charged a reduced rate for the 90% of fuzzy/repetitive text that already translated and full price for the 10% of new text.

I have found a workaround that will allow us to package files that include the original translations, and only the new untranslated text remains in the source language. Although this method works, it seems a bit complex and may lead to user error. Is there an easier way to achieve the same result?

1) In Lingo, use the New Project option to create a new project for each language based, on the last English revision.
2) Update the English Flare project for the new revision.
3) In Lingo (V4), use the “Update Project” feature to update the project for any English changes since the last revision.
4) In Lingo, choose Export to Flare to export the translated Flare project that now contains a mix of English and the translated language.
5) In Lingo, use the New Project option to create a new project based on the exported (and partially translated) Flare project.
6) Package the files in MadCap Lingo and send to the translation vendor for translation.
7) The files are translated and delivered to us.
8 ) We merge the changes into the MadCap Lingo project and upload the translations to our TM.
9) In Lingo, choose Export to Flare to create the updated translation project.
10) Generate the target and send for in-country review.

BTW - Lingo V4 has come a lot closer in helping reduce translation costs for files that are a 100% match, by allowing you to select individual files that are included in the package when bundling for translation. Definitely a step in the right direction!

Re: Package Bundle That Contains Source Language & Translations?

PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 10:15 am
by techwriter31
Follow up - spoke to our translation vendor again, and they said that these types of mixed language files won't work for them. According to the translation vendor, "it would be a significant problem as the output would not indicate to our tool what is in English and what is translated." I've submitted an enhancement request to MadCap for the ability to extract individual segments for translation. Although I'm sure this would have its own set of problems, it might get us a step closer.