Lingo equivalent for Spanish - Latin America (es-xl)?

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Lingo equivalent for Spanish - Latin America (es-xl)?

Postby renee_c on Thu Mar 19, 2015 4:50 am

Hi everyone

Our translation vendor uses 'Spanish - Latin America,' or es-xl for the TM on our Chilean translations. I'm having trouble finding an equivalent language in Lingo to apply the es-xl TM and use it translate the project. Spanish (Chilean) isn't working, and Spanish didn't either. I know Lingo requires users to specify precisely the TM language used, or the status of files will show as Untranslated and no matches will be found against the TM.

I'd like to avoid running the project against every Spanish language option Lingo offers. Does anyone know of the Lingo equivalent to Spanish - Latin America/es-xl?

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Re: Lingo equivalent for Spanish - Latin America (es-xl)?

Postby Uwe on Mon Mar 23, 2015 12:04 pm


your translator is using an EOL Version of the SDLX tool for the Translation. The language codes for Latin American Spanish have been deprecated a while back.

Here is a suggestion:

    1. Have the vendor provide you with the TMX file of the Translation Memory. You can then go ahead and use Notepad++ (its Freeware and a lot better than Notepad) to replace the wrong codes with the code of your liking. <tuv xml:lang="es-XL"> with <tuv xml:lang="es-CL"> (for Chile) for example.
    2. Create the Translation Memory for Spanish (Chile).
    3. Import the TMX file and you should be OK. If you want another Spanish variant, here are the current codes:

If you want to keep the vendor, have him/her upgrade to a more current Version of CAT Tools, so you dont run into this for every Translation update of your material. If you dont want to keep the vendor, this might be a good time for Change.

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