More problems than production

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More problems than production

Postby laurel_kerby on Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:06 am

We've had Lingo since the end of April, and I've had nothing but issues with it since installation. It crashes nearly as frequently as it works, it's inconsistent in accuracy when merging, and it operates at a cold tar pace. Is anyone else experiencing problems like these?
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Re: More problems than production

Postby Uwe Schwenk on Tue Aug 29, 2017 8:22 am

I would first of all contact support. Secondly, could you provide a bit more detail on the problems you are encountering?
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Re: More problems than production

Postby MunchMan on Thu May 17, 2018 12:25 pm

Hope it got better for you. My first suggestion: in Flare, make a condition called No-Lingo (or whatever you want to call it). Apply that to every table that's just numbers (sub-hint: make the headings snippets, then you can exclude the whole table but the snippets still get translated), to every topic that shouldn't be translated, every image, every ToC, every get the picture. Recreate your Lingo project and look for the dropdown at the bottom left of a dialog box along the way that lets you filter out that condition. Lingo will still touch all those items so you can access them later if needed—you'll see them race past in the report box repeatedly as its processing—but it will leave them out of much of the processing effort, speeding everything up tremendously.

Second, ensure your source Flare project does not contain multiple languages; instead of English into 10 languages, you'll get English into 10, German into 10, French into 10, Italian into the math :-). It can run all night and still not finish an update. I have my English in one project and all translations (TL) in another of the same structure, but importing all the images, styles, and variables from the English; it's very easy to set up.

Third, if your files are on a server, copy it to your desktop and try it from there. A Flare search/replace runs about 18x faster on my PC than off the server; at beer-thirty on Friday I drag all my projects to a new network backup folder, log off, and go home. On Monday the mega-giga mess is safely duplicated some Amazon data center :-).
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