Issues with added code from translators

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Issues with added code from translators

Postby mmrro on Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:42 am

We are running into an issue where when we receive a translation package back from our vendors, there seems to be extra tagging created in the segments and it causes errors to our files and requires us to do manual fixes. This is especially true with excluded conditional text that are tags in the translation file. What's also bad here is that sometimes complete segments will disappear from the file after importing into Lingo and cause XML problems when exporting into Flare. I would say this has to do with the vendor using a tool other than Lingo, but I've had them use lingo on some of the files and the issues still occur.

I've spoken with MadCap support and logged some crucial bugs to fix this issue that seems to be a main pillar of their software that isn't working. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, how did you fix it on your end in a scalable way?
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Re: Issues with added code from translators

Postby cdschroeder on Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:57 pm

Hopefully someone here will have a better answer for you than I do. But I just wanted to say that you're not alone. We experienced the same when using Lingo's machine translation feature (we ran our files through the MT and then had the translator review and correct, rather than translating completely from scratch). They were not using Lingo either, so I assume that may have been a contributing factor. Submitted multiple bugs, and then fixed it all by hand, page by page.** :cry:

Because of that experience, we don't use MT at all, and we make sure all our translators use Lingo. We haven't had many issues since.

**It's worth noting that after correcting all errors by hand across 1500 pages, we found out that the translators actually used their own machine translation tool (rather than reviewing/correcting the MT as promised), and the translation was completely worthless. Life lesson: make sure it's worth salvaging before you spend too much time on it. :shock:

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