How to paste tags from TM

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How to paste tags from TM

Postby MunchMan on Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:30 pm

Out of nowhere today I solved what has been the bane of my rocky relationship with Lingo ( of them!) over the last two years: when I found a TM target I wanted to use, I could only copy/paste the TEXT over to my topic segment. So I had to Ctrl+K the English Source over to the Target to get all the tags, then flip back and forth from the TM editor to copy/paste the translated text over the English, piece by piece. No tags at all, not Superscript, not hyperlink, not cross-reference, NOTHING. If I selected any non-text to Copy, nothing would paste.

Today, in a slight Lingo funk and just to remind myself how much it still didn't work, in the topic I copied Source to Target, switched to the TM and copied the full segment entry (instead of just the first chunk of text), switched back to my topic, and at that moment a blessed breeze of inspiration tickled my cerebrum: I SELECTED the whole target (Ctrl+A) first (the English I had CTRL+K'd in), hit Paste worked. Tried it a second time; it worked again. Bleepin' Lingo just seems to require something to be there before pasting. You no other software in the entire universe does :D.

I haven't added up the what must certainly be thousands of minutes I've burned on the previous tediousness described above (and I won't because I'm sure it'll make me cry at work, and it's an open office), but in case some Propeller head in the future is searching for Lingo and Paste with this question in mind, I hope this helps!
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