Localizing FrameMaker and maintaining markers

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Localizing FrameMaker and maintaining markers

Postby wfranz on Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:49 am

I am just in my initial testing phases of using Lingo to help localize some documentation created in FrameMaker. I import the .book file and it seems this imports all the required files as usual. I copied the source to target just as a test. After this I export the results into a new FrameMaker project, which appears to be complete with all the files from the source FrameMaker.

What I'm finding is that all the markers (index and cross references) are empty. Is there a special requirement to get marker definitions to update appropriately in a localized FrameMaker project? Lingo shows an Index.liindexmap file, which again I've copied the source to target, so I would think the index entries should all have definitions. Not sure if I'm making some noob mistake here.
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