A way to translate individual files?

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A way to translate individual files?

Postby t90fpe on Wed Mar 07, 2018 2:37 am

Is there a smart way to populate some files in a Lingo project from your translation memory (TM), not the entire project or all files?

Background, we do have a case with quite many source files (2000+) in english and some of these files (~20%) we translate into five other languages. It happened a few times that the Lingo project been corrupted and then we need to started from scratch and created a new Lingo project based on the source in Flare. The thing is that now that we have a TM with would like to populate/translate some of the files from our TM but not the entire project. If we translate entire project we do get some segments translated among the all files there we do not like to translate and that is not acceptable from an end result point of view that some segments get transalated and the rest is in english.

I do hope you understand my issue here. I imagine that it would be easy to select a bunch of files in the file list and right-click and pick "Translate selected files with TM" or similar.

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Re: A way to translate individual files?

Postby MAF on Thu Mar 15, 2018 1:59 am

Hi T90fpe !

I'm not sure I understand your problem correctly but if you want to propagate a TM just on one file, you open this file in the translation editor and click on the icon which says "propagate translation memory across the whole file". This icon is in the translation editor, third from the right.

Was that your question ?
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