Termbase vs Translation Memory in Machine Translation

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Termbase vs Translation Memory in Machine Translation

Postby minicyclist on Sat Sep 14, 2019 6:29 am


I haven't been able to fathom this from the Lingo user guide (which is woefully lacking in examples), but if I add terms to a term base, can they be used in a machine translation? I know the Translation Memory can be used pre-machine translation, and this begs the question, if I have a term base, can I add these terms to the Translation Memory? Generally confused, as to how to use these two different translation stores.

Grateful for assistance.

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Re: Termbase vs Translation Memory in Machine Translation

Postby RobSwanson on Mon Aug 31, 2020 12:44 pm

A Translation Memory is a list of phrases and its translations. If the entire phrase matches, it will be used to translate. Partial matches don't return.
A Termbase is a list of terms and words with the translation. It should populate the term from the termbase during the machine translation, be we've had issues with it. Footers don't translate, and sometimes it just doesn't translate it in the body of the text for some unknown reason.

From there, if you double-click the translated segment it goes to Translation Memory. Again, TM needs exact matches, TB finds individual words.
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