99% matches

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99% matches

Postby simona on Wed Oct 30, 2019 4:52 am

We have had a terminology change and I have used TM search and replace to update our TM successfully. The segments in our TM now contain the correct (new) terminology and the Flare project does, too.

However, when I update the Lingo project and translate everything based on that TM we get a lot of 99% matches in multiple topics. As far as I can see right now these are all the segments where the terminology has changed.

What I do not understand is:
1. Why are these matches only 99% matches? The source language segment from the Flare project is 100% identical to the translated segment in the Lingo TM. No extra spaces, no extra characters, the content is identical. Shouldn't this be a context match or 101% match?
2. When I run the translation and specify that 99% matches should be applied, why does Lingo not use these 99% matches to fill the segments with the translation from the TM?
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Re: 99% matches

Postby RobSwanson on Mon Aug 31, 2020 12:48 pm

As I understand it, 99% match says "almost certainly correct but check it in anyway."

100% match is a confirmed 99% segment.

101% means this segment is 100% match and so are the segments around it.

Did you confirm your 99%?
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