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Update Lingo proj: deleted source files remain in Lingo proj

PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2019 1:04 pm
by barbs
Hello, perhaps someone else has run into this and can share some of their knowledge.

After exporting my Lingo project to Flare and building my Flare output, my build output log showed several "missing link" warnings that I was not expecting as there were none in the source Flare project when I updated my Lingo project a week ago. The files with the missing link warnings turned out to be files that had been deleted in the source Flare project almost a year ago. Updating the Lingo project a week ago of course caught all of the new and updated files, but I'm curious if there is some way to get it to delete the files that no longer exist in the source.

I can of course use Flare's analyzer tab to locate any "unused items" and delete them from the exported Flare project, but I was hoping there was a more automated way to have them deleted when I update the Lingo project to the source.

Thanks for reading!