flare <-> lingo round trip

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flare <-> lingo round trip

Postby John Cornellier on Mon Apr 13, 2020 2:34 pm

Hi, we have a very large project in flare that which want to translate. I'm a bit of a noob to this, but it appears that the overall workflow is:

1. load the flare project into lingo
2. do the translations
3. export from lingo to a [translated] flare project

What I don't understand is how does one maintain. Is there some kind of interop where both can be maintained simultaneously, or does one always have to repeat this one-way export?
John Cornellier
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Re: flare <-> lingo round trip

Postby L10N Coordinator on Wed Jun 17, 2020 6:36 am


it will always be a round-trip because that's by design and that's how you maintain version consistency. You open the project in Lingo and then select the update option. After the update you send the updated changed files for translation. Afterwards you re-import the files into the lingo project and export to Flare.
Uwe Schwenk
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L10N Coordinator
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