Lingo projects and source control

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Lingo projects and source control

Postby Kirsty on Wed Sep 09, 2020 6:15 pm

We're using Flare and Lingo with Azure DevOps (TFS).

We have recently done our first content translation. The overall process worked fairly well, but every time we try to update the Lingo project to generate a bundle with the new required translations, we get a message saying "Failed to connect to Source Control."

Is anyone else using Flare + Lingo + Azure DevOps/TFS? We're trying to figure out if we've done something wrong.

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Re: Lingo projects and source control

Postby MAF on Mon Oct 19, 2020 9:48 am

I am not in the exact same configuration as you are but maybe it'll help a bit if I describe the configuration we got working with TFS.

We use to work with TFS but we had only our flare original source projects under TFS source control. For Lingo, we didn't use TFS for the lingo projects but only for the Translation memory files (just as a backup tool really). This way, we could re-create a new lingo project at any time from the Flare project and TM, without bother with linking Lingo to TFS.

This worked really well, but only because we had only one person working on a lingo translation per language.

Now we've switched to Git and it is much much more comfortable and stable than using TFS as you don't have to keep the connection with TFS. Under Git, we've kept the same logic, only the source flare projects and the translation memories are under source control.

Hope it helps...

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