Best approach for multilingual project

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Best approach for multilingual project

Postby ajturnersurrey on Tue Sep 22, 2020 2:02 am

I've used Flare for years and occasionally had to translate things into one other language through Flare.
Now I'm trying a project with 8 languages where some targets are published single language and some multilingual.
I am creating a web of Flare and Lingo projects which seem to do the trick, but am struggling with the best choice of topic file names and image names.

In my structure, my source project_EN contains topic Intro_EN.htm which uses image LanguageID_EN.png

Each translated project ends up with a translated version of these files, but with the same names.

So after translation I need to change the filenames _EN to _DE etc... in each of the translated projects.
I do this so that when these files are all imported to a multilingual, combined project they don't just overwrite each other.

Is there a smarter way of doing this, that I haven't spotted?
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