Including/Excluding Unlinked Content

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Including/Excluding Unlinked Content

Postby owensmn on Thu Oct 08, 2020 8:55 am

Madcap Flare target files have the option to include or exclude content that had no links to it. So if you had a topic file which was not referenced by the TOC or any other topics in the project, you can decide to include it in the target output or not.
It's in the target file advanced tab and the feature is called: "Exclude content not linked directly or indirectly from the target".

If this Flare feature is unticked, then all the files under the Flare Contents folder will be included in the Output. This behavior may or may not be what the technical writer wanted. e.g. do you really want to include printed output in the online help (assuming no conditional text is set up).

If this option was deliberately left unticked, then Lingo should include all Contents files in the Lingo project file list. In my experience, Lingo ignores the unlinked file in the project file list view and when generating bundles. This means in my scenario the translation bundle does not contain all the files that should be sent for translation.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Is it a bug?

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