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Batch Replace Images

Postby Dafra08 on Tue Jan 12, 2021 11:22 am

I have fiddled around with this a little bit to see how it works before I kick off the entire process. I tested in a small topic with three screenshots, two of them with callouts (text boxes made in Capture). Then created corresponding screenshots from localised versions of the software and batch replaced them. The screenshot without any callouts was replaced in both languages, great. The screenshots that included callouts were not replaced, not great. I tried to pseudo translate the callouts into one of the languages and set that image file to Completed, then ran the replacement again, but it was still not replaced.

The help implies that it should be possible to replace images with callouts:
NOTE Callouts from the original image are transferred to the replacement image and can be translated in Lingo. However, if your replacement image also contains callouts, these callouts will be flattened during the replacement process, and will no longer be editable. As a best practice, choose replacement images that do not include callouts.

1. Does the topic that includes the images have to have a certain status in Lingo, for the images to be replaced?
2. Does the replacement image have to have a certain status in Lingo to make the replacement happen?
3. Are there any other prerequisites to be able to replace images with callouts?
4. The above note from the help also implies that images should be replaced before sending files out for translation. I always thought I'd do the replacement when the translation has been finished, since the callouts are sent separately anyway. Does anyone have any experience doing either way?
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Re: Batch Replace Images

Postby Mari0n on Tue Feb 16, 2021 8:19 am

I have a similar issue.
Images without callouts are fine, with callouts are not.

The image replacements are done without props files and should slide under the combined image and props file when the project is exported - at least that is how I understand it.

My first batch replacement went fine, but some images needed changing, which I did, saving them in the same place, with the same name.
Batch replacement indicates that all files were replaced - only the changed ones were necessary, but hey, I'm not complaining at that.
The images seem to be updated in the Lingo project, but not when I export it to a Flare project...

I have put in for a support ticket. Will post when / if I get good answers.

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