Does MT overwrite TM?

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Does MT overwrite TM?

Post by GarthVader »

I have a partially translated project, and would like to complete it using MT.

However, If I select Machine Translate Project, it seems to overwrite the already translated segments. Certainly the status turns red/0%. Am I missing something here?

Also, is there a way I can apply MT to a single htm file in a project, as opposed to the whole project?
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Re: Does MT overwrite TM?

Post by RobSwanson »

It's not "supposed" to overwrite. However, we've found the fix it to run the TM over the individual file again. MadCap assured me only non-translated segments go to the Machine Translator. Not true.

You cannot run MT over an individual file like you can TM. I have made a feature request for this.
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