Folder structure not updated

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Folder structure not updated

Post by IUseItAsACrash »

Hi -

I just realized that after a number of updates and exports (tbh I don't know when this problem started) my exported Flare project (en-GB) differs significantly from the source project (de-DE).

Besides a number of other issues I have with Lingo, renamed folders in the source project still have their old name in the exported project. I am pretty confused right now. The translated project (which luckily is not online) also contains a lot of missing translations.

Can this be called expected behaviour...?

Any help is appreciated,
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Re: Folder structure not updated

Post by doloremipsum »

Hmm. I think that possibly when you export an updated project from Lingo, it overwrites existing files but doesn't delete stale files. So you might have both your original folders and your new renamed folders in there. Is that right?

If so, you can remedy this by deleting the previously exported project before you export updated translations from Lingo. Inconvenient obviously, it would be nice if Lingo removed stale files when exporting.
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