Is it possible to export only partial Lingo TM to TMX

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Is it possible to export only partial Lingo TM to TMX

Post by barbs »

Hello Lingo users,

I have a very large Lingo TM for Japanese. We have multiple Lingo projects that use this TM. I have a new Flare project that also uses this TM. It has not yet been officially translated, but there are a number of segments that are translated based on our existing TM. I have been requested to send this project for translation to a different vendor than we usually use. I want to send them only a subset of the TM that is relevant to the specific project, rather than our entire huge TM.

I cannot find it documented whether or not it is possible, or how to do it.

I've done some testing. When I opened a specific smallish translated Lingo project, and exported the TM, the resulting TMX file was 80,078 KB. When I opened Lingo (no project selected) and exported the TM, the TMX file was again 80,078 KB. I was hoping that if it did the export from an instance of Lingo with a specific project, that it would only export the TM relative to that project, but this test would indicate that this did not happen since the resulting TMX was the same size.

Does anyone know if its possible to do what I'm trying to do?

Thanks for your help!
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Re: Is it possible to export only partial Lingo TM to TMX

Post by Dafra08 »

Judging by the Lingo interface it should be possible to create a new TM, and then select which files should populate that TM with segments.

But, since this question is old and probably no longer valid, I'd rather just chip in on what's "relevant" and not in a TM. In the translation phase the TM is used a lot (if not mostly) for concordance searches. What's relevant to you might not be relevant to me, and vice versa. By reducing the TM so that it only contains segments that are hits on a sentence level, you interfere with the translators' possibilities of delivering a quality translation.

So, please everyone, carefully consider the reasons for not sending out the entire TM. There might be cases where it's necessary, but the default action should be to supply the entire TM.
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