Lingo Lessons Learned? Tips?

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Lingo Lessons Learned? Tips?

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We have several MadCap projects and we are looking into purchasing Lingo. As I've worked with MadCap over the years I have compiled a list of tips, do's and don't and work arounds. Anyone have any tips for when you first start working with Lingo? Any issues that you run into?

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Re: Lingo Lessons Learned? Tips?

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All my Lingo issues stem from my company using an agency who were not familiar with Flare, let alone Lingo. They couldn't seem to understand the concept of XML and made the reimportation of translated segments a major problem. After going back and forth several times and getting no better response, I ended up with the tedious job of copying and pasting the translations back into my project file by file. From then the import was fine and the final translated document worked a treat.

So, pick an agency carefully! I wanted to go with MadTranslations but I was overruled.

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