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Lingo Whitepaper

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GPRO Cuts authoring and Tranlation time up to Six fold, Using Lingo and Flare ... y_GPRO.pdf

GPRO® Technologies Berhad is a leading Malaysian-based technology
company that delivers state-of-the-art radio frequency ID (RFID)
based IT solutions and technologies for the textile and apparel industry
Now GPRO is using MadCap® Lingo™ and Flare™ to modernize the
authoring and translation of its documentation and cut project time
by up to six-fold in the process.
With a strong Asian customer base, GPRO makes its technology
solutions—along with the supporting documentation—available in
English, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese versions. Since April
2008, GPRO has used the MadCap Lingo integrated content authoring
and translation memory system together with MadCap Flare for
content authoring and multi-channel delivery. Where it once took up
to six months to deliver a documentation project, GPRO now uses
MadCap Lingo and Flare to complete the project in just one month.

For More infomation please check out the link
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Re: Lingo Whitepaper

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I wanted to read the white paper about the efficiencies that Lingo delivers, but the link is broken: 404.
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Re: Lingo Whitepaper

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The paper was posted in 2008, so I'm not surprised the link doesn't work. I suggest that you get in touch with a MadCap sales rep to ask for whatever white papers / case studies they have about Lingo, assuming you can't find what you're looking for on the Lingo product page,
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