Restoring Removed Links

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Restoring Removed Links

Postby purrplexity on Tue Jun 05, 2018 11:16 am

I am trying to institute some data storage practices for a project I've recently moved into. There are 10-15 authors that work on projects that are stored on a shared network drive. All of these child projects point back to a main parent "template" that controls styles, some shared elements, etc. Now, I would greatly prefer to have everything handled by source control, as it would solve a lot of the lag/archiving issues we occasionally face, but that is a ways off and not the windmill I want to battle right now.

Anyway, the question I have, is what to do in a situation where someone inadvertently breaks the link between a child project and the template, like by changing a topic that actually needs to be linked and saving without reading that scary sounding warning that tells you the repercussions you will face. Is there a method for link restoration in this case? Since the link has been broken, re-importing the project doesn't seem like it would do anything. All my searching seems to bring up is what to do if you've messed up the path for a hyperlink/crossreference, so I would greatly appreciate input!
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Re: Restoring Removed Links

Postby Psider on Tue Jun 05, 2018 5:38 pm

My trial finished, but I seem to remember that in the project import file there is a tab for removed links? Maybe there's an option in there to restore them?
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