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Inkscape SVG

Postby paul_tracey on Thu Dec 18, 2014 12:37 am

Hi all
I always have problems with inkscape versions of SVG. Strange blocks appearing, text becoming a solid block. Has anyone found a simple solution for this? or any other illustrator alternatives that are not too expensive?

SVG's from Visio work fine always have. Importing Inkscape SVGs and saving as SVG from Visio can also work. Not so keen on doing this though frankly.
Ideally I would'nt be altering the XML, but if you happen to know what tags cause the problems I would be extremely interested to hear.
I did a trial of Xara - and its SVG's worked fine also (though, I really prefer the Inkscape UI to Xara).

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Re: Inkscape SVG

Postby King_Haggard on Fri Jun 05, 2020 3:43 am

Some of my Inkscape SVGs could not be loaded by FLARE while others were fine. This might help:
1. Try to save as an optimized SVG. Inkscape might tell you if it encounters problems. In my case there were leftover <flowRoot> tags from flow text elements.
2. Look at the SVG file using your text editor. There might be other strange tags or lines of code that prevent FLARE from using the file.
3. Test if the SVG is dispayed a) after a restart or b) noetheless in the output. Somethimes a browser seems to have less problems than FLARE.
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