Restructuring 2 projects into 1 parent + 2 child projects

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Restructuring 2 projects into 1 parent + 2 child projects

Postby awinnefeld on Fri May 18, 2018 3:34 am

Hi, new Flare user here, so slightly dumb questions might be incoming (and also, I hope I posted this in the right place).

I just started working at a software company that creates their online help and printed manual using Flare Version 10. We have English and German versions of all our data stored in two different Flare projects. Each Flare project also contains all the Style Sheets, Page Layouts, Logos etc. needed for our output, and I would really like to clean that up by breaking the whole thing up into a parent project containing all the language independent data and two child projects for the language dependent data like topics, snippets, screenshots, glossary etc.

My current idea would be:

Copy one of the existing projects to create a parent project. Keep the layout (Stylesheets, Page Layouts, Master Pages…) there. The primary set of conditions also goes there. Delete everything that won't be imported.

Use the existing two projects as child projects with all the topics, snippets, variables, glossary, language dependent images, TOCs, Targets. Import the whole parent project.

Is this a viable way to go or how should I approach this? Are there obvious pitfalls to the process I might not be seeing right now? Obviously I'll be trying this out with a local copy of the data and I'm pretty much assuming that something will go wrong on the first attempt, but maybe you got some tips and tricks that might smoothen the process :wink:

Thanks a lot for your input,
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