Error Trying to Import From Confluence

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Error Trying to Import From Confluence

Postby EricS on Thu May 14, 2020 9:06 am

Am working with importing Confluence space(s) into Flare. Am running into this error:

"Confluence importing to Flare Error "Unable to import page with ID: viewpage."

Anyone with thoughts on the cause? I can't seem to find anything Google or otherwise.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Eric S.
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Re: Error Trying to Import From Confluence

Postby zappy0 on Mon Aug 24, 2020 9:46 am

I had a similar error attempting to import Confluence pages from one of our public Confluence sites. Using the Flare import, I am required to provide credentials for Confluence on the General "page" before I am allowed to view and select the actual pages. So I just provided my credentials for another Confluence site and the Flare Import accepted that. I was then able to view and select pages from the public site. When I clicked Finish, I would always get the error "Unable to import page with ID: <the page ID>" for every page. The log shows ErrorID="-1". To solve this, I requested sign in access to the public page, even though it is public. Once that was granted, I was able to get most of the pages to import successfully. In short, it seems you need to use Confluence credentials specific to the Confluence site you are importing from (and even if the site is public).

Incidentally, I also noticed that after clicking Workspace Selection in the import dialog box, it can take a minute for the page listing to load. At first I thought the page listing had failed but I just needed to be patient.

I still have some pages that will not import but using the IDs provided in the log I was able to discover these were restricted pages in Confluence that had been linked to from docs in the public site.
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