Confluence to Flare import - doc hyperlinks lost on reimport

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Confluence to Flare import - doc hyperlinks lost on reimport

Postby zappy0 on Tue Nov 17, 2020 3:58 pm

Greetings. I have a Confluence wiki site with approximately 900 topics organized within many folders and subfolders. I set up an import using Madcap Flare and to my amazement, the import process was able to resolve the majority of cross-topic hyperlinks. Confluence remains the set of master documentation and when someone edits a page, I use Flare's Reimport capability to bring in just the topics that changed. Most topics have hyperlinks to other topics but I keep the Import Linked Pages box not checked because I have made many post-import edits to fix issues with formatting and I don't want to overwrite those if possible. Here is my problem. When I re-import topics, the import process is not able to resolve the hyperlinks to the pages in my Flare project. Thus, the hyperlinks point back to pages on the Confluence site. I suppose that makes sense because, I assume, the import doesn't have the full universe of pages to work with as it did in the initial import. On the other hand, every imported topic has a MadCap:sourceDocument= tag so there is a map back to every confluence page. Is there a way I can solve this? Thank you.
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