Cannot initialize API client

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Cannot initialize API client

Postby Boumjm on Wed Jan 20, 2021 11:57 am

Upon opening Framemaker and also attempting to import a book from Framemaker into Madcap Flare, I see this error and I am unable to import into Flare:

Cannot initialize API client C:\Program Files\MadCap Software\MadCap Flare 16\\Resources\Bin\MCFramePlugin.dll.

Check for errors in the APIClients section of the maker.ini file in FrameMaker install location or your %appdata% folder, verify that the client program exists, and make sure you have enough swap space to run the client.

How do I resolve this error? The MCFramePlugin.dll is present here: C:\Program Files\MadCap Software\MadCap Flare 16\\Resources\Bin\MCFramePlugin.dll

API clients section of maker.ini file:
;------------------------------ API Clients ------------------------------
;ClientName=ClientType, [facet, format_id, vendor_id, display_name, ] description, path, mode, optional file extension for filter [extension|null], optional dependent dll's path (absolute or relative to $FMHOME)
; when ClientType is filter type, facet, format_id, vendor_id and display_name are required.
; mode can be one of maker, structured, all. it determines for which mode(s) to load this client.
; for example, RTF=TextImport, RTF, RTF, FAPI, RTF, Rich Text Format (RTF) Import, filters\rtfimprt.dll,all,^.rtf
; Optional Dependent dll path is required if API Client has dependency on other dlls and during load of FrameMaker, these path should be available. [Note: Optional file extension should be set to 'null' if not used.]
; for example, TestClient=TestClient, TestClient, fminit\Publisher\TestClient.dll,all,null,fminit\Publisher --> TestClient has dependency on fminit\Publisher (relative path)
; TestClient=TestClient, TestClient, fminit\Publihser\TestClient.dll,all,^.xml,fminit\Publisher --> TestClient knows file text extension xml (e.g.) and path fminit\Publisher (relative path).
; TestClient=TestClient, TestClient, fminit\Publisher\TestClient.dll,all,null,fminit;fminit\Publisher;C:\TestClient --> TestClient has dependency on fminit, fminit\Publisher (relative path) and C:\TestClient (absolute path)
ClickPrint=Standard, Print Online Manuals, fminit\clickprt.dll, all
;FrameMakerPDFAssistant=Standard, Change default printer for Acrobat Distiller, fminit\framepdf.dll, all
CGM Import=FileToFileGFXImport, CGM, PDF, CGM, ORBL, CGM, CGM, fminit\cgm2pdf.dll,all,^.cgm
;SVG Import=FileToFileGFXImport, SVG, FrameImage, SVG, ORBL, SVG, SVG, filters\svgfilter.dll,all,^.svg
SVG Import=FileToFileGFXImport, SVG, PDF, SVG, ORBL, SVG, SVG, fminit\SVGAGMFilter.dll,all,^.svg
;SVG Import=FileToFileGFXImport, SVG, PDF, SVG, ORBL, SVG, SVG, filters\svg2pdf.dll,all,^.svg
;svg2pdf=Standard, Converts SVG to PDF, filters\svg2pdf.dll,all
FLV Import=FileToFileGFXImport, FLV, DIB, FLV, ADBI, FLV, FLV,fminit\mmfilter.dll,all,^.flv
AIF Import=FileToFileGFXImport, AIF, DIB, AIF, ADBI, AIF, AIF,fminit\mmfilter.dll,all,^.aif
AIFC Import=FileToFileGFXImport, AIFC, DIB, AIFC, ADBI, AIFC, AIFC,fminit\mmfilter.dll,all,^.aifc
AIFF Import=FileToFileGFXImport, AIFF, DIB, AIFF, ADBI, AIFF, AIFF,fminit\mmfilter.dll,all,^.aiff
ASF Import=FileToFileGFXImport, ASF, DIB, ASF, ADBI, ASF, ASF,fminit\mmfilter.dll,all,^.asf
AU Import=FileToFileGFXImport, AU, DIB, AU, ADBI, AU, AU,fminit\mmfilter.dll,all,^.au
AVI Import=FileToFileGFXImport, AVI, DIB, AVI, ADBI, AVI, AVI,fminit\mmfilter.dll,all,^.avi
IVF Import=FileToFileGFXImport, IVF, DIB, IVF, ADBI, IVF, IVF,fminit\mmfilter.dll,all,^.ivf
KAR Import=FileToFileGFXImport, KAR, DIB, KAR, ADBI, KAR, KAR,fminit\mmfilter.dll,all,^.kar
M1V Import=FileToFileGFXImport, M1V, DIB, M1V, ADBI, M1V, M1V,fminit\mmfilter.dll,all,^.m1v
M3U Import=FileToFileGFXImport, M3U, DIB, M3U, ADBI, M3U, M3U,fminit\mmfilter.dll,all,^.m3u
MID Import=FileToFileGFXImport, MID, DIB, MID, ADBI, MID, MID,fminit\mmfilter.dll,all,^.mid
MOV Import=FileToFileGFXImport, MOV, DIB, MOV, ADBI, MOV, MOV,fminit\mmfilter.dll,all,^.mov
MP2 Import=FileToFileGFXImport, MP2, DIB, MP2, ADBI, MP2, MP2,fminit\mmfilter.dll,all,^.mp2
MP3 Import=FileToFileGFXImport, MP3, DIB, MP3, ADBI, MP3, MP3,fminit\mmfilter.dll,all,^.mp3
MP4 Import=FileToFileGFXImport, MP4, DIB, MP4, ADBI, MP4, MP4,fminit\mmfilter.dll,all,^.mp4
MPA Import=FileToFileGFXImport, MPA, DIB, MPA, ADBI, MPA, MPA,fminit\mmfilter.dll,all,^.mpa
MPE Import=FileToFileGFXImport, MPE, DIB, MPE, ADBI, MPE, MPE,fminit\mmfilter.dll,all,^.mpe
MPEG Import=FileToFileGFXImport, MPEG, DIB, MPEG, ADBI, MPEG, MPEG,fminit\mmfilter.dll,all,^.mpeg
MPG Import=FileToFileGFXImport, MPG, DIB, MPG, ADBI, MPG, MPG,fminit\mmfilter.dll,all,^.mpg
QT Import=FileToFileGFXImport, QT, DIB, QT, ADBI, QT, QT,fminit\mmfilter.dll,all,^.qt
SWF Import=FileToFileGFXImport, SWF, DIB, SWF, ADBI, SWF, SWF,fminit\flashfilter.dll,all,^.swf
WAV Import=FileToFileGFXImport, WAV, DIB, WAV, ADBI, WAV, WAV,fminit\mmfilter.dll,all,^.wav
WMV Import=FileToFileGFXImport, WMV, DIB, WMV, ADBI, WMV, WMV,fminit\mmfilter.dll,all,^.wmv
FMMediaAnnot=Standard, Post-process PDF for Media Annot,fminit\fmmediaannot.dll,all
FRAME2pdf=Standard, Post-process PDF for 3D Annot,fminit\frame2pdf.dll,all
U3D Import=FileToFileGFXImport, U3D, DIB, U3D, ADBI, U3D, U3D, filters\u3dfilter.dll,all,^.u3d
;PSD Import=FileToFileGFXImport, PSD, FrameImage, PSD, ADBI, PSD, PSD, filters\psdfilter.dll,all,^.psd
JP2 Import=FileToFileGFXImport, JPEG2000, FrameImage, JP2, ADBI, JP2, JP2, filters\jp2kfilter.dll,all,^.jp2
JPX Import=FileToFileGFXImport, JPEG2000, FrameImage, JPX, ADBI, JPX, JPX, filters\jp2kfilter.dll,all,^.jpx
J2C Import=FileToFileGFXImport, JPEG2000, FrameImage, J2C, ADBI, J2C, J2C, filters\jp2kfilter.dll,all,^.j2c
J2K Import=FileToFileGFXImport, JPEG2000, FrameImage, J2K, ADBI, J2K, J2K, filters\jp2kfilter.dll,all,^.j2k
JPC Import=FileToFileGFXImport, JPEG2000, FrameImage, JPC, ADBI, JPC, JPC, filters\jp2kfilter.dll,all,^.jpc
JPF Import=FileToFileGFXImport, JPEG2000, FrameImage, JPF, ADBI, JPF, JPF, filters\jp2kfilter.dll,all,^.jpf
HTML=ExportFilter, HTML, HTML, ADBE, HTML, HTML Export, fminit\html.dll,all,^.htm
XML Export=ExportFilter, XML, XML, ADBE, XML, XML Export, fminit\xml.dll,all,^.xml
;WMF Export Adobe India=FileToFileGFXExport, FrameVector, WMF, WMF, ADBI, WMF, WMF Export, filters\adobeIndiaWMF.dll,all,^.wmf
Asian Character Count=DocReport,Count the number of Asian characters in the document., fminit\jwordcnt.dll,all
WordCount=DocReport,Count the number of words in the document, fminit\wordcnt.dll,all
BookErrorLog=Standard, Report errors during book generation, fminit\bookerrlog.dll,all
DitamapErrorLog=Standard, Report errors during ditamap generation, fminit\ditamaperrlog.dll, all
PDFSize=Standard, Optimize PDF Size, fminit\pdfsize.dll,all
FMPDFReflow=Standard, Post-process PDF for Reflow, fminit\fmpdfreflow.dll,all
; "SGML" and "XML" are only placeholders for the builtin SGML and XML open functions
; -- they aren't used by the product.
SGML=TextImport, SGML, SGML, FRAM, SGML, SGML Import, filters\dispatch.dll,structured,^.sgm
XML Import=TextImport, XML, XML, FRAM, XML, XML Import, filters\dispatch.dll,structured,^.xml
; FrameMakerSGML clients
Element Catalog Manager=Standard, Import and export element definitions, fminit\ecm.dll,structured
Structure Generator=Standard, Generate structure in unstructured documents, fminit\sgen.dll, structured
FmDispatcher=Standard, Central routing client for SGML import/export, fminit\dispatch.dll,structured
FmTranslator=Standard, Frame default translation client for SGML import/export, fminit\trnslate.dll, structured
XmlUtilities=Standard, Utilities for XML, fminit\xmlutils.dll, structured
FmXSLT=Standard, Central client for XSL transformation, fminit\XSLT.dll,structured
xml-css=Standard, XML CSS generator, fminit\xmlcss.dll, structured
DocBook=Standard, DocBook Starter Kit SGML Application, fminit\docbook.dll, structured
Xhtml=Standard, XHTML XML Application, fminit\xhtml.dll, structured
Microsoft RTF1.9=ExportFilter, RTF, RTF, ADBI, Microsoft RTF1.9, RTF Export, filters\ExportUtility.dll, all, ^.rtf
Microsoft RTF 1.9=TextImport, RTF, RTF, ADBI, Microsoft RTF 1.9, Rich Text Format (RTF) Import, filters\ImportUtility.dll, all, ^.rtf
RTF Japanese=FileToFileTextImport, RTF, MIF, RTF, IVY, RTF Japanese, IVY RTF-J Import,filters\rtfj2mif.dll,all,^.rtf
;RTF (Japanese)=FileToFileTextExport,MIF,RTFJ,RTFJ,IVY, RTF Japanese, RTF Japanese Export,filters\mif2rtfj.dll,all,^.rtf
Microsoft Word=TextImport, WORD, WORD, ADBI, Microsoft Word, WORD Import, filters\ImportUtility.dll, all, ^.doc
Microsoft Word 2016=TextImport, DOCX, DOCX, ADBI, Microsoft Word 2016, WORD 2016 Import, filters\ImportUtility.dll, all, ^.docx
Microsoft Excel=TextImport, XLS, XLS, ADBI, Microsoft Excel, Excel Import, filters\ImportUtility.dll, all, ^.xls
Microsoft Excel 2016=TextImport, XLSX, XLSX, ADBI, Microsoft Excel 2016, Excel 2016 Import, filters\ImportUtility.dll, all, ^.xlsx
QSMenu=standard, Quick Start Menu, fminit\qstart.dll, all
CNVSchema=standard, Schema Open and Import, fminit\cnvschma.dll, all
u3dfilter=standard, U3D File import filter, filters\u3dfilter.dll,all
ditafm=Standard, Translation client for DITA, fminit\ditafm.dll, structured
ditafm_app=Standard, Translation client for DITA, fminit\ditafm_app.dll, structured
find_references=Standard, Client for searching Dita references, fminit\find_references.dll, structured
PDFCommentsImport=Standard, Client for importing comments from PDF to FrameMaker doc/book, fminit\PDFCommentsImport.dll, all
InitCharMap=Standard, InitCharMap, fminit\InitCharMap.dll, all
PreserveEntity=Standard, Preserve Entity Use, fminit\PreserveEntity.dll, structured
qrcode=Standard, QR code generator for FrameMaker, fminit\fmqrcode.dll, all
Adobe CQ=Standard, Adobe CQ, FMCQ-Client.dll, all
FileDownload=Standard, Generic File Download Client, fminit\FileDownload.dll, all
Externalize=Standard, Externalize Insets, fminit\Externalize.dll, all
FMPublisher = Standard, Publish FrameMaker Documents, fminit\Publisher\FMPublisher.dll, all, null, fminit\Publisher
FMReview = Standard, Review FrameMaker Documents, fminit\Publisher\FMReview.dll, all, null, fminit\Publisher
Dita OT=Standard, DITA OT client for DITA, fminit\openToolkit.dll, structured
XmlPubUtils=Standard, Utility client for Xml Publishing, fminit\xmlpubutils.dll, structured
XPE-Client = Standard, Client for enhancing Xml Performance, XPE-Client.dll, all
SVGAGM=Standard, Client for SVG Import, fminit\SVGAGMFilter.dll,all
ScriptingSupport=Standard, ExtendScript client for FrameMaker, fminit\FrameMakerScriptingSupport.dll, all
;------Scripting client should added to last, so that its available for FrameMaker plugin------

MadCapFlare=Standard,MadCapFlare Plugin,C:\Program Files\MadCap Software\MadCap Flare 16\\Resources\Bin\MCFramePlugin.dll,all
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