Project linking: Importing all files required by one target

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Project linking: Importing all files required by one target

Postby JupiterJones on Thu Jan 21, 2021 3:18 am


I have a master project with various targets. Now I want to create a child project which only contains one of the targets (PDF target) and only the files required to build this single target.

The import file has a pretty useful option for this: "Auto-include linked files". If I just import the target file and check this option, I get all required files, fine. However, in my case I get many more files, almost the entire master project: Due to crosslinks between topics and TOC entries, Flare finds a lot of "linked topic" - which I neither want nor need. All these links and TOC entries are excluded from my output via conditions, but Flare does not realize this and imports ALL linked files.

Any further settings in the import file (e.g. filtering by file type or by file/folder conditions) are ignored. The "Auto-include" option overrules everything. The only way I found was to add unwanted files manually (in the source code) to the excluded files section. Such files were in fact ignored then. But takes quite a while to find all of them, and as the project progresses, new loopholes may emerge.

Is it really not possible to combine the auto-inlude option with further filters?
Any other ideas?

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Re: Project linking: Importing all files required by one tar

Postby ChoccieMuffin on Fri Jan 22, 2021 4:05 am

In your source project, in Content Explorer use separate folders for files that are used in the different targets. So, for example, Have a "User Guide" folder, an "Install Guide" folder, etc. If there are any topics shared between the two, have a "Shared" folder for those topics. Do the same with your images. (I generally put images at the top level of the Content Explorer rather than buried in the Resources folder, which makes it easier to find them.)
Apply a condition in your source project (e.g. "Install") and apply that condition to the folders that contain the bits you want (e.g. "Install Guide" and "Shared").
In your import file, rather than using the option you are currently using, use conditions to import the stuff you want.
That way, you know EXACTLY what's going to be imported. If bits get missed, go back to your source project and apply the condition as required. But if you've got your head round how to sort your content you might find you just need to move things into the relevant folders instead.
You might want to sit back and take a moment to read this section of the help through a few times, as it can be a bit confusing to start with: ... inking.htm

Hope that helps.
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Re: Project linking: Importing all files required by one tar

Postby JupiterJones on Mon Jan 25, 2021 12:01 am

Many thanks for your tip. With the workflow, however, you have to be very careful that you never forget to sort or mark new files accordingly, for example. The risk of overlooking something is simply too great for me. That's why I found the "Auto-Include" option so interesting.
There is already a feature request (#76398) for the improvement of this option.

My current workaround is the Export Project function. This allows me to export exactly the files needed for a target. This has to be triggered manually, but is the easiest and safest solution for me at the moment.
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