Frame to Flare Import: Grouping HTML Topics During Import?

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Frame to Flare Import: Grouping HTML Topics During Import?

Postby krh2017 on Thu Apr 15, 2021 1:49 pm


I am importing a large FrameMaker project into Flare using the Import wizard (never done this before).

Flare takes each chapter in the FrameMaker project and breaks it into HTML topics (based on the new topic styles I specified). Flare then dumps all the HTML topic files (and image files) into one folder, which is named after my FrameMaker project.

Here's what I want Flare to do:
* Group all HTML files into folders by chapter.
For example, when Flare imports Chapter 1 from FrameMaker and breaks it into HTML topics, put all those topics into a Chapter 1 folder (and so on). I can't have hundreds of HTML files all in one project folder.

How do I make Flare do this?

I could manually arrange all the files into folders after import, but that would be VERY time consuming.

Likewise, can I control where Flare puts the image files? (I might like them all in one Images folder.... Or possibly all the Chapter 1 images in a Chapter 1 folder, etc.... Not sure.)

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