Responsive Layout - Row to Span Child Divs

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Responsive Layout - Row to Span Child Divs

Postby agambina on Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:01 pm

Hello All,

I was showing off my output to management and had used tables for a 2 column layout. This table was in a responsive DIV and while the other content was responsive, the table wasn't :shock: I'm now in the process of converting anything in a table layout to a Responsive DIVs (RDs) format. I defined a New Responsive Layout using the 6-6 option. For the top row (cell 1 and cell 2), I want a background-color/white font. I've tried assigning unique IDs for Cell1 and Cell2 but the background color doesn't fill the gutters. Similar to a table head row, I want the color to span both cells and am stuck getting the right HTML/CSS. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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