"Missing Linked Stylesheet File" Message in Build Log

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"Missing Linked Stylesheet File" Message in Build Log

Postby Telecaster52 on Thu Apr 22, 2021 12:39 pm

Hello and Greetings

Apologies, again, for the neophyte nature of this question.

Upon the completion of a build, the Open Build Log gremlins behind Flare all blurted out a warning "Missing Linked Stylesheet File" with a link following said warning. It appears that, mysteriously, the/a linked table style has disappeared (meaning that the link that the style "points to" [for the lack of a better term] has been broken). And this is true: despite (ignored) exhortations from various colleagues, we moved the file from one folder location to another which has, ineluctably, broken the style links.

I am certain that this topic has been addressed multiple times. However, in my haste, I was unable to apply any of the recommendations listed herein. How does one overcome this dreaded "missing link" issue that is plaguing our files? How do I apply the proper style ancestry to our tables so the link warning disappears? The missing link paradox is driving some of our members into a permanent state of madness.

Ah...and to clarify, the file exists in my Content explorer. Ultimately, I'm trying to redirect the style link to that style (if that makes any sense).

Thank you in advance, Flare Pros, Doyens and Wizzes.
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Re: "Missing Linked Stylesheet File" Message in Build Log

Postby robdocsmith on Thu Apr 22, 2021 3:13 pm


There are several ways to do this...

You could put the tablestyle back in the location linked to from the affected topic (usually somewhere inside Content/Resources/TableStyles), then use the Content Explorer inside Flare to move the file to your preferred location. This should update all links used in the topics and stop the warning being issued. Usually best to move files using Flare as it is pretty good at updating all links throughout the project. If you don't know the topic(s) affected, do a Find in Flare (Find in source code option selected) for the stylesheet name.

Or you could use Flare Find/Replace in source code (or a text editor, a command line tool or python script or something else) to search and replace in all project files and change:
<link href="old/path/yourstylesheetname.css" rel="stylesheet" MadCap:stylesheetType="table" />
to point to the destination of the file.

A quick find all "old/path/yourstylesheetname.css" in all files in the project can be used to check that all locations have been updated correctly. I'm a firm believer in using a good text editor alongside Flare for find/replace issues or to check syntax of files when issues arise, but that's the way my mind works.

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