Which responsive unit for margin and paddings

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Which responsive unit for margin and paddings

Postby Matze on Wed Dec 07, 2022 2:52 am

Hi all,
we are setting up our html5 output for responsive help, so let me asking a confusing rooky question:

I´ve change the font-size from px to rem (html root to 100% and the other classes to the right rem value. So far so good.

But what´s with the other pixel entries like margin, padding and border values. Is it a good idea to change these values to rem as well?
I´ve no idea WHERE I´ve to set the "start" rem value, e.g. for the font size I´ve set it to 100% in the html block at the beginning of my css, but where I´ve to define the start behaviour of the other values?

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Re: Which responsive unit for margin and paddings

Postby Psider on Thu Dec 08, 2022 5:55 pm

CSS-Tricks has a good article about font sizing:
https://css-tricks.com/accessible-font- ... explained/

Generally, leave the root pixel font-size as the browser default (usually 16px). Use em/ex/rem for everything except borders, for which you would use px instead.

This is an old article but I think the principles still apply if you want a short summary of the scenarios you might use other measurements:
http://thenewcode.com/775/Which-CSS-Mea ... o-Use-When
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