Stylesheet Changes Being Destroyed

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Stylesheet Changes Being Destroyed

Postby Joseph Zitt on Wed Sep 04, 2019 1:17 am

I've been making and saving changes to stylesheets in an external editor, since I find straight CSS more intelligible, and Virtual Studio Code's interface far less cryptic, than what's built into Flare.

However, when I close then reopen Flare, I see that the changes that I have made have reverted to what Flare had remembered, not what I had actually put in the files, and the time taken trying to make the stylesheets work has been wasted. This is especially bad since the documents originated in Word, so the stylesheet and documents have to fight through the redundant crud with which Word infests documents.

Is there a way to keep Flare from destroying the changes that I've made?
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Re: Stylesheet Changes Being Destroyed

Postby Dave Lee on Wed Sep 04, 2019 3:35 am

Flare shouldn't overwrite stuff you've added - I edit CSS in external editors all the time.
So maybe something else is happening here - e.g. imports, source control?

I can only think of a few edge cases where Flare will interfere with your CSS:

* Sometimes when using combinations of attributes (e.g. [href*="http"]) and psudeo elements (e.g. :before), Flare will move the position of these selectors and make the CSS invalid.

* If you manually edit table stylesheets, Flare will completely rewrite the CSS if you edit it in the table stylesheet editor. So you should never manually edit a table stylesheet.
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