add heading variable to page layout rather than topic

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add heading variable to page layout rather than topic

Postby Mina on Wed Sep 18, 2019 6:35 pm

Hi All

I am creating a set of Quick Reference Guides which are single page. Rather than formatting each one I have created a page layout and in the header I have added the title "Quick Reference Guide - <topic heading>". I want the topic heading to automatically pre-populate with each topic heading so I used the heading level 1 variable, however when I preview the topic the head populates correctly with the heading 1 title in the topic, but the heading title is also at the top of the topic. How can i get the topic title or heading title to pre-populate without it displaying in the heading and in the topic content? I've tried using the system title variable and I get [undefined variable].

when i preview i get this...

Quick Reference Guide - Cats and Dogs (this is in the header)

Cats and Dogs (this is h1 in the topic)

The cats..... (topic content)

Thanks in advance
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