Adding :before property to custom xml

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Adding :before property to custom xml

Postby lc4466 on Fri Apr 16, 2021 8:44 am

Hi all.

We have some custom xml tags we use for embedded text within our application which I publish from madcap using the Clean XHTML target. However, I'm also working on a way to make this content easier to review, so I'm looking at creating a print CSS format that would convert our custom tags into prefaced strings explaining what each piece of content is. Here's the example:

Code: Select all
            <MadCap:snippetBlock src="..[url]" />

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   font-family: Arial;
   font-size: 12pt;
   color: red;   

help::before {
  content: "Help Text: ";
  color: blue;

The general css making the tag contents red is working fine in my Word output, but the before property does not show up. Any idea where I'm going wrong?
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