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workflow options

Postby cayennep on Mon Sep 10, 2018 12:14 pm

do not understand the options here...

external resources - why?? this is where the collaboration files are stored, but they're not seen in flare as contributions, and there's no relationship or real point to it that I can tell

importing contributions - one at a time?? really?? plus, these are now in a directory structure on the SHARED RESOURCES share, and so the only option I have is to import them one at a time, WITHOUT the directory structure created by the developer??

I created a review file and sent back to developer but he can't open it

any hi-level 'what are the steps' greatly appreciated (WITHOUT 'send' or outlook, which do not work because of issue with mismatched 64-bit vs 32-bit apps)

1. mcco - options to get?? (NOT email)
2. open in flare - options to open/import??
3. edit and do what?? send for review?? did not work

this should be easy but of course under pressure now, and no answer to a support ticket from nearly a week ago so any help appreciated
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